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Available for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X, Fly The Maddog is one of the most sophisticated and complete add-on ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The accuracy of cockpit and system simulation is very high and there are many features which add realism to the simulation and are not present in standard Flight Simulator aircrafts.
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06-15-13 - New hot price for Fly The Maddog Professional SP2.
- Fly The Maddog Professional SP2 new end user price is Euro 39,99! Go to our purchase page and buy it today!

06-15-13 - Service Pack 2 released.
- Fly The Maddog Professional SP2 has been released, which includes the following fixes/improvements:
- No need anymore to run in Administrator mode or disable UAC for Windows Vista/7/8.
- Compatibility with windows 8.
- By default all failures (including pilot induced engine failures and icing effects) are disabled.
FLY_THE_MADDOG_PRO_SP2.exe (purchase code required).

05-09-10 - Fly The Maddog Professional 2010 Edition released.
- Fly The Maddog Professional 2010 Edition (including the full analog 2D panel) has been released and is available from the purchase page.

05-02-10 - Service Pack released.
- The Maddog 2008 Service Pack has been released, read more here.

04-01-10 - Release of Service Pack and new update annunced.
- The release of a Service Pack and a new update has been annunced. Read more here.

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Random picture Key features

- Highly detailed VC and 2D panels (1600x1200), with vector graphics displays (GDI+).
- Three cockpit versions.
- Wide 2d panels for 1.6 aspect ratio, (1920x1600).
- MELs and deferred inoperative systems management.
- Realistic flight dynamics, tested by active MD80 pilots.
- Complete CM-1 and CM-2 instrument panels with functionally separated instruments.
- Dual/multiple systems simulation (DFGS, FD, CADC, EFIS, AHRS) with switching.
- Full electrical system simulation including working overhead breakers.
- FMS – Flight Management System.
- PMS – Performance Management System.
- DFDR – Digital Flight Data Recorder.
- TCAS – Traffic Collision Avoidance System.
- WAGS – Windshear Alert and Guidance System.
- EGPWS – Enhanced Ground proximity Warning System.
- Weather Radar

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