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Maddog info Support
Fly The Maddog v3.3, 15 June 2013, FS2004 and FSX version. No known issues.

We offer support via e-mail limited to registration and activation problems only at
We have an official support forum for our customers, both in english and italian language. You can enter the forums clicking here, or on the link above.
A free registration is required to log in, please note that hotmail addresses are not allowed.

The customer support is not a substitute for reading and studying the documentation included with the product.

When registering the following data is necessary:
- Email. This MUST be the same email you used for the purchase (either with Paypal or Simmarket)
- Serial Number. This is the number shown in the Load Manager & Setup application (which is also launched automatically after installation) in the Page Setup/Registration and labeled as 'Serial Number'. It is a readonly field.
- Purchase code. This is NOT the order number NOR any other number that appears in the PayPal receipt. If you bought from us the Purchase Code is sent in the email you received with the download link.
If you bought from Simmarket they gave you the Purchase Code under the name Information/Registration key or Registration code: Purchase code:.
The Purchase code is made of 12 characters, the first is a letter and the last two can also be letters.
The registration is an automated process when done from the Manager & Setup, but it can be done also from the Purchase page (in this case the Enable key must be copied and paste in the Manager & Setup.

A few suggestions in order to install and run Fly The Maddog without problems:
- Be sure to have the latest installer version (Fly The Maddog SP2 V3.3)
- Internet connection is needed when registering from the Manager & Setup
- During registration a prompt from windows may appear asking confirmation, you must confirm in order for the registration data to be stored in the windows's registry
- When FSX prompt you to trust LeonardoSH.dll or maddog.gau you must answer yes or Fly The Maddog will not be loaded in FS
- In FSX disable the DirectX 10 preview (if present) from the display settings
- It is preferable (this is also true for other addons) to install FS in the root directory (C:\ or D:\) instead of the default Program Files folder
- Windows 8 compatibility has been tested only with FSUIPC installed. Please download and install FSUIPC, available free of charge from here

If you experience this problem in the 2D panels, download and install this script: