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  4. Hello Captains! I'm glad to inform you that a new Open Beta build (1.5b492) is ready for download! The most noticeable added feature is for sure the printing functionality for ACARS messages: you'll be able to print to any Windows printer (physical or virtual), but if you don't own one don't worry: we have also added a full working printer to our VC! Check the user manual for further info. We have also fixed all reported issues with previous 1.5b486 Open Beta and updated all documents (see changelog below): we strongly recommend you reading them as they contain important information! If you use PFPX, you must replace the old acars template with a new 'MaddogX ACARS.txt' which can be found in the %documents%Madddog X Files\redist folder. We expect releasing this build as 'official' on simMarket next week. From the very first release back in 2018, we have been adding more and more features in time and for this reason, the day of this pending public release, the price for both Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition and for the upgrade offer (for those who own the 32bit edition and want to switch to 64bit) will increase by 10€ (excluding VAT). The price for the 32bit edition and the MD-83 & MD-88 variants expantion won't increase instead. Let me thank all our loyal customers for their trust, some of them follow us since the very first Maddog bublished by Lago: this project won't be what it's today without your kind support. Anyway, there's still a promised feature missing: Shared Cockpit. After the public release, we will start working on it, and it will be a free module for all customers, limited to LAN environment. If you want to partecipate to this new Open Beta program, please follow the link below! ***** << Click here to proceed to the download page >> Changelog ******1.5b492 - 13/10/2019****** 64bit edition - P3D v4.4/v4.5/HF1/HF2 PUBLIC OPEN BETA >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - minor bug fixes; - typing on fms scratchpad inhibited until a message is cleared; - fixed issue with PMS if simrate >1x; - trip and taxi fuel weights directly read and set in load menager from OFP; - fixed EXEC light not illuminating on CMA-900 2D window; *3D MODEL: EXTERNAL - fixed outflow valve animation; >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - added ACARS printing capability to physical or VC printer; - added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches behind CM1 and CM2; *3D MODEL: VIRTUAL COCKPIT* - added VC printer animation; - added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches behind CM1 and CM2 animation; *LOAD MANAGER* - added printer selection for ACARS *PRINT command in setup - simulator option and auto-print option; *DOCUMENTS* - Revision: AOM Vol.2 Operational Bullettin; Quick Guide and User Manual; *MISC* - updated 'MaddogX ACARS.txt' PFPX template file in Madddog X Files\redist.
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  6. Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition is fully compatible with the new P3D v4.5.13.32097 (hotfix 2), both the official release 1.4b427 - available in your simMarket account- and the 1.5b486 Open Beta -released today and available via our forums-.
  7. Has anyone noticed yet? Navigraph has released a brand new AIRAC dataset, specific for Fly the Maddog X 64 bit edition: "Fly the Maddog X (P3Dv4.x and above)". Your 1.4b414 version for P3D v4.4/v4.5 is already compatible and installing the new dataset allows you to select and fly ARC-DME procedures. You can manually download the new set right now, or just re-scan your addons with the Navigraph's FMS Data Manager: the 64bit edition will be automatically recognized. 32bit customers will be getting regoular updates as always, but be sure to use the correct dataset: "Fly the Maddog X (FSX-FSX:SE/P3Dv3.x only)": the new format isn't obviously compatible and could crash your simulator. As a side note, we asked Aerosoft to updated their "NavDataPro AIRAC and fms updates" with the new format, but no answer from them so far. You can continue using their dataset for both platforms, but you won't be able to fly ARC-DME procedures.
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