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  1. Hello captains! I'm proud to inform you that Fly the Maddog X is now available for Prepar3D v5! https://secure.simmarket.com/leonardo-software-fly-the-maddog-x-64-bit-p3d5.phtml Just to remind you: Full price is 95€ + VAT, but if you own Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition for P3D v4.4 - v4.5, you are entitled to the special upgrade price for buying the P3D v5 of EUR 15.00 (excl. VAT) only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the P3D v4.5 version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! When purchasing the MD-82 base pack, if you own the MD-83 & MD-88 variants expansion pack for P3D v4.5 as well, you will receive the corresponding P3D v5 version for free: after the P3D v5 base pack purchase, you will find the P3D v5 MD-83 & MD-88 expansion pack ready for download in your MD-83 & MD-88 download page in your account in simMarket. It can be activated using the same Purchase Code used for P3D v4.5. Remember, minimum system requirements are a 8Gb vram card and Windows 10! Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 supports natively Active Sky P3D, and implements the new dual beam radar feature out of the box. Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 includes a BETA Trueglass version. It works 100% but have a small bug if reloading the aircraft or loading the aircraft after another one: some windshield textures could be presented with a "psychedelic" effect. This is a P3D v5 bug that, when fixed, will allow TFDi to update Trueglass installers. Winners of yesterday's raffle (our Facebook group and Aviationlads page) have been contacted: Abder Rafik - Iñigo Bayo - Gabriel Rodriguez - MR.Q Aviation Photography Congrats and enjoy Fly the Maddog X!
  2. Hello Captains! I'm glad to inform you that latest Fly the Maddog X build, 1.6b571, is ready for download from "your downloads" in simMarket. 1.6b571 is a new full installer (requires uninstallation of previous version), it's free of charge for all existing customers and includes bugfixing but also many 3D model/texturing/animation enhancements we have originally developed for the P3D v5 3D model: we realized that these changes could also be implemented in P3D 4.5 without too many efforts, so we decided to include them in this build as a bonus for our loyal customers. This way our 3D model, already an extremely good one, is even better: small details I'd say, but they make difference. ******************* Speaking of Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5, we are almost ready for the official release and could be anytime this week. Just to remind you, Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 won't be just an updated installer with P3D v5 paths and basic compatibility, but a new stage of development: Fly the Maddog X is one of the very few products making use of full PBR materials both in the VC and external models, using high detailed metallic and bumpmap effects, plus intensive use of dynamic lights for night lightning effects. All of these, since P3D v5 engine has changed with DX12 (and gives way better results in our opinion), needed a complete rework and we didn't spare any efforts to get all the best from the new platform, and the night lightning especially is just mind blowing. Speaking of performance, our already well optimized and fps friendly code takes now full advantage of the new DX12 environment in P3D v5, moreover an intensive optimizing work has been done to reduce our memory footprint . Bear in mind, as you might already know, P3D v5 and DX12 manage your vram differently in reference to v4.5, and the minimum system requirement to run Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 is a 8Gb video card. As previously announced, Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 will be availble without time limits for all previous customers at a small upgrade fee in line with our commercial philosophy; moreover, when upgrading the MD-82 base pack form v4.5 to v5, if the MD-83 & MD-88 variants pack is owned for v4.5 as well, it will be offered free of charge as part of the v5 upgrade process. More news on Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5 will be given shortly, meanwhile the new specific P3D v5 paintkit is now available: painters who made repaints for the v4.5 version will be able to import their work to the new paintkit easily; the default bumpmap has changed and the rivets map has been improved. Due to these changes porting your v4 repaint in the revamped v5 model will not give you the optimum results; we encourage to transfer your previous paints onto the new paintkit in order to have the proper references. Many of our free repaints instead have been already converted to v5 and are ready for download from the new P3D v5 edition forums. 1.6b571 changelog: ******1.6b571 - 14/05/2020****** 1.6b571 full installer 64bit edition - P3D v4.4/v4.5 >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - new ART logic implemented; *LOAD MANAGER* - new facility for lights tuning in Simulator Options page added; >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - improved fuel burn predictions; - missing trend arrow in tcas restored; - missing animations sync in shared cockpit added; - ADF test tone not playing fixed; - fms setting start position at aircraft position, instead of rwy heading, when runway entered in route page fixed; - throttles not disabled when autothrottle ON in other modes then CLAMP in "FSUIPC compatibility mode" fixed; *3D MODEL:EXTERNAL* - engine fan spool up animation improved; - tuned nose gear position; - fixed AoA animation on ground; - several 3D model improvements including nose gear and front stair animations; *SHARED COCKPIT* - ALT armed by PM not resulting in altitude capture fixed; - sync of some elements missing fixed.
  3. Hello Captains. The open beta program is now closed and we're happy to release 1.6b557 as an official full version, you will find the installers in your simMarket account. If you partecipated to our open beta program, please install this full installer because there are some minor things fixed from the same incremental build number. This build focuses on Shared Cockpit, but not only. In the changelog below you'll see a lot of other improvements, I kindly ask to read the included documentation (that has received a major overhaul and the addition of new stuff, i.e. Shared Cockpid Guide and new OM Volume 2 chapters) because there are a couple of new items that could be different from what you are used to, that you must get familiar with: - We have added ground/flight modes for spoilers/autospoilers. You won't be able to arm spoilers in flight anymore, unless you are on final configuration with landing gear extended, as in the real aircraft. - We have added each single custom Fly the Maddog X command to the Events facility in load manager, fixed previous issues and added a new toggle option for "toggling switches" (i.e. MECH CALL button), plus auto-assignment of joystick parameters on button press (when adding new command bindings); nearly everything can be configured now with ease. The Events page is a powerful tool, but needed a bit of rework; we hope you will be able to take maximum advantage out of it. - Axis assignments. During beta testing, we've seen the majority use FSUIPC for joystick calibration and axis assignments. FSUIPC is a great tool, it works very well with a lot of add-ons but Fly the Maddog X is not an ordinary one, we use custom coding for almost everything and this takes the simulation far beyond the "standard": for this reason, there could be issues if FSUIPC is not properly configured and this is described in the documents that, again, I ask you to read. This build brings also structure change inside your %Documents%\Maddog X file folder in order to accomodate Prepare3D v5 release, keeping a shared common data base among different version but having them separated and independent in terms of settings, airframe, repaints etc. Fly the Maddog X has entered beta testing on Prepar3D, you can expect all features available today in 1.6b557 for v4.5, except TFDI's TrueGlass (that will be ported for v5 as soon as possible). More news really soon! 1.6b557 Changelog: >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - code optimizations and various minor issues fixed; - PMS not accepting block fuel >19T in MD-83 variant fixed; *3D MODEL: VC* - fine tuning of PBR materials and glasses transparency; - typo on CB A11 fixed; *3D MODEL: EXTERNAL* - tiny amount of flexibility added to wings; >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - added Shared Cockpit feature; - added delay in FMS when recalculating vertical profile; - new spoiler/autospoiler logic modelled with ground and flight modes; - "cabin ready" crew notification added; *3D MODEL: INTERNAL* - new spoiler lever model with flight/ground mode animations; *LOAD MANAGER* - added Shared Cockpit interface; - new custom commands added (check List of Commands document); - FSUIPC compatibility mode option added in Simulator Options page; - complete Events page overhaul, with new toggling option and auto-assignement of joystick parameters upon button press; *SOUNDS* - new autospoiler sounds; *DOCUMENTS* - all documents revisised, included OM; - OM vol.2 ch.8 Procedures guide added; - OM vol.2 ch.8 Normal Checklist added; - OM vol.2 ch.8 Cold Weather Operations Checklist added; - List of Commands added; - List of Documents added; - ACARS tutorial added; - PFPX Profiles added; - Guidelines for painters added; - Shared Cockpit Guide added.
  4. Fly the Maddog X is not locked to a specific P3D version number, if you have 4.4 or any version above the official 1.5b506 (and the just released incremental open beta 1.6b555) works without problems and doesn't need upgrading. HF3 has just been tested and Fly the Maddog X works without issues.
  5. Immersive Audio has published today a preview teaser of their upcoming 'Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion'. Check it out here.
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