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  1. Dear pilots! From today the team is officially on vacation, so there might be delays in responding to your requests for assistance in forums and tickets, apologies for that. We have almost finished the next release, which will see the introduction of additional options including the possibility of using a different navigation system (CMS-900/PMS), as well as new improvements and fine tuning in systems, engines response, navigation tracking, integration with GSX Level 2. Having introduced PBR models both for the external model and VC with excellent feedback for months now, we have decided to drop the standard no-pbr models option. Instead, to allow users who are still not fully satisfied or have issues with P3D 4.5 even with the hotfix 1, compatibility with version 4.4 will be kept. At the moment, the new version is in beta testing and we expect the release of a first open beta around mid September. Happy holidays to all!
  2. Hello Captains! Some info on the development of our beloved Maddog X: >>>>> We have moved 1.4b427 version out from the Open Beta trial period to the "official" channel, and we have just sent simMarket our latest full "official" installers. You should receive the update notification email in a couple of hours. To install this new version, which includes some small fixes, a new fresh installation is needed: please follow the pdf instructions included in the download file. >>>>> Thanks to your valued feedback, part 1 of our community poll has ended, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. We ask you another small effort with the just published part 2, your opinion is needed this time to better understand your preferences in reference to the PBR model options and textures resolution. Please head here to partecipate, or use the poll block on the right column in the forums to cast your vote! >>>>> We are about to start a new internal beta testing phase with our fantastic Team. This time we have added the Canadian Marconi FMS (for lateral navigation), and the PMS (for the vertical profile), plus a bunch of different customer options available for customization within our Load and Setup Manager. More news soon!
  3. Has anyone noticed yet? Navigraph has released a brand new AIRAC dataset, specific for Fly the Maddog X 64 bit edition: "Fly the Maddog X (P3Dv4.x and above)". Your 1.4b414 version for P3D v4.4/v4.5 is already compatible and installing the new dataset allows you to select and fly ARC-DME procedures. You can manually download the new set right now, or just re-scan your addons with the Navigraph's FMS Data Manager: the 64bit edition will be automatically recognized. 32bit customers will be getting regoular updates as always, but be sure to use the correct dataset: "Fly the Maddog X (FSX-FSX:SE/P3Dv3.x only)": the new format isn't obviously compatible and could crash your simulator. As a side note, we asked Aerosoft to updated their "NavDataPro AIRAC and fms updates" with the new format, but no answer from them so far. You can continue using their dataset for both platforms, but you won't be able to fly ARC-DME procedures.
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