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  1. Salve a tutti, vi comunico che i primi due episodi dei flight tutorials per Fly the Maddog X sono disponibili per la visione, e a breve si aggiungerà il terzo! Visitate il canale YouTube! Tanti auguri di buona Pasqua a tutti dal team Leonarso SH!
  2. Buongiorno a tutti! Vorrei segnalare la nascita di un nuovo canale You Tube, in italiano, dedicato a Fly the Maddog X: a breve saranno resi disponibili dei video-tutorial su diversi argomenti, che vanno dalla storia del prodotto alla spiegazione dei sistemi a bordo, passando per una accurata descrizione dell'autopilota, la configurazione e l'effettuazione di voli in Shared Cockpit, di sicuro interesse per gli appassionati della simulazione di volo e del Maddog. Il creatore, oltre ad essere pilota nella vita reale, è anche uno dei nostri Beta Testers, e il team Lenoardo SH ha avuto i
  3. Hello Captains, we've just uploaded an hotfix for the current full 2.0b784 version, for both P3D v4 and P3D v5 versions (-82 and -83/-88). This hotfix brings Fly the Maddog X to version 2.0b786, and solves some aspects related with the Instructor Panel released yesterday. After upgrading your fleet, re-download and install the Instructor Panel again. Thanks everybody for your support!
  4. Hi Captains! I'm proud to announce that the Instructor Panel add-on for Fly the Maddog X has been released! The Instructor Panel, built after the Instructor Panel found in the real full motion simulators, is an expansion for Fly the Maddog X with precise training purposes that will allow you to easily practice and learn flight procedures, both under normal and abnormal scenarios; with the Instructor Panel you will be able, i.e., to instantly position the aircraft anywhere in the world to perform a procedure, inject specific weather conditions in the simulator (such as low visibility/
  5. Hello Captains, we've just uploaded an hotfix for the current full 2.0b784 version, for both P3D v4 and P3D v5 versions (-82 and -83/-88). The hotfix solves some minor issues reported by users and our beta team after latest full release, and is only be available via simMarket under your account. Thanks everybody for your constant feedback, which helps us to further improve this awesome product!
  6. Hello Captains, we have just uploaded new official full installers (2.0b784) to simMarket. Thanks to everyone has contributed with their feedback during the Open Beta phase! As always, this is a free upgrade for all existing customers. If you have version 1.7b753 (or any of the 2.0b7xx open beta builds) already installed, you can download and run the incremental installers, available here in the forums, instead of having to install the full product again: P3D v4.4/v4.5 - P3D v5.0/v5.1. Here are the full changelogs: *******************************P3D v4.4/4.5: ******2.0b
  7. The Leonardo SH team is pleased to wish you happy new year!
  8. Hello captains! I'm proud to inform you that Fly the Maddog X is now available for Prepar3D v5! https://secure.simmarket.com/leonardo-software-fly-the-maddog-x-64-bit-p3d5.phtml Just to remind you: Full price is 95€ + VAT, but if you own Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition for P3D v4.4 - v4.5, you are entitled to the special upgrade price for buying the P3D v5 of EUR 15.00 (excl. VAT) only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the P3D v4.5 version! If in doubt contact simMarket s
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