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New white+bare metal layered paintkit ready for download!

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we are finally happy to share with you the new Master Paintkit for the Maddog X.

This new paintkit is a great enhancement of the original first release paintkit that we created with ease of use as the primary goal in mind.

In creating the new paintkit we decided to involve some of the most competent painters on the scene, gathering feedback and suggestions in order to make this new paintkit as easy to use and versatile as possible for painters at all levels.

On top of the great work by Giovanni Cagnetta in detailing and dirt we've received a very kind proposal from Steve Drabek to include his bare metal version.

We could not miss this opportunity and that's why we took a bit longer than expected to finalize the Master Paintkit.

Some liveries have already been created with this kit and it proved to be a pretty solid "ready for use" solution.

Although some conflicts in layers can always exist, depending on the different colors and layout, we believe we made painters life as easy as possible in order to intervene and customize their repaint as needed.

We also decided to leave plenty of room for tweaking, adjusting level of dirt, shadowing, window frames without making it overly complicated.

There will always be room for improvement and we will always be happy to hear your feedback, but we are confident you will really enjoy creating your desired liveries with the new paintkit.

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