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Some news.

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We have given our beta testers the b352 build that restores cabin lts in PBR at night, and solves the dep/arr CTD. My guess is that it can be released next week.

Some of you are asking: ok, what's next?

After fixing those issues we will back in development.

One of the next things coming (no ETA yet) will be for sure the native PBR virtual cockpit - don't be scared! It'll be optional, like the external PBR is, and performs fast & smooth as the external model does, and is mindblowing, have a look at the image:


In making the VC PBR model, we took the decision to drop RealLight, and to develop our own instrument dimming system instead (that will also mean no more ghost TRP buttons) thanks to latest 4.4 SDK.
The alfa release we are testing internally has, as direct consequence, a reduced ram fingerprint, meaning: better performance. Having our own lighting system also allows us to lay the groundwork basis for adding another couple of nice things we have in mind.

Not all roses, I want to be crystal clear now:

FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3.4, P3D v4.2 and P3D v4.3 will receive their last upgrade with the upcoming SP1b352 cumulative update (unless any other major issue that needs fixing is found meanwhile) and will be considered the last available version of Maddog X for those platforms, both the -82 and the -83/-88.

The "active development project", everything new we will add in 2019, will be for P3D v4.4 only, so to enjoy latest features, you will have to update your P3D.

Bare in mind, we have our valid reasons, but the decision is already taken.
I hope that if you have learned to know us, you can also trust our choices. 

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