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Fly the Maddog X: development update.

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Our beta team is testing the new upcoming Fly the Maddog X release, no ETA yet but shouldn't be long!

Next build adds a couple of new cool features and some bug fixing/improvements: as already stated, development is now focused on P3D v4.4 only and the new features won't be ported to any other platform. Anyway, we will release another Open Beta cumulative update shortly, that will address some bugs in the other versions too. Our product line will change as follows:

- 32bit edition MD-82 base pack: FSX/FSX:SE/P3D v3.4;
- 64bit edition MD-82 base pack: P3D v4.2/v4.3;
- 64bit edition MD-82 base pack for P3D v4.4: P3D v4.4;
- 64bit edition MD83 & MD-88 variants expansion: P3D v4.2/v4.3;
- 64bit edition MD83 & MD-88 variants expansion for P3D v4.4: P3D v4.4.

Useless to say: if you own the 64bit edition, the 64bit edition for P3D v4.4 will be free of charge. I'd also like to remind you that we have the upgrade offer for 32bit owners for upgrading to the 64bit edition still running.

Some words on the upcoming release:
being probably the first having added PBR to our external 3D models, we have finished integrating PBR inside the virtual cockpit!
As for the external 3D model, you'll have the option to enable/disable it indipendetely for the VC and the external 3D models.

Probably the core of this new build, a new level of immersion is yet to be discovered: the new ACARS messaging system will let you interact with the airline dispatch and maintenance crew, integrating seamlessy with the mainteance system for a new leyer in our already deep simulation.

Have a look to this file for a brief list of all the new features!

Fly the Maddog X Quick Guide-pages-extract.pdf

Stay tuned!


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