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Development update (P3D v4.4/v4.5).

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Hello there, some info just to give you a brief update on the development status:
We will be releasing shortly an incremental upgrade (open beta) for both the -82 and -83/-88 packages that need 1.4b414 to be installed, it's some 40Mb.

It includes bug fixing -based on your latest reports- and 2 new features: 8.33 Khz radio support and ARC-DME procedures.
As you know, the Maddog can fly RNAV procedures except the following P-RNAV ones:
- P-RNAV AR containing legs RNP ≤ 0.3;
- P-RNAV AR containing RF Path Terminator legs.

This is why, instead of developing Radious to Fix legs that actually can't be flown neither by the real aircraft, we made the choice to focus on ARC-DME.


For coding the ARC-DME procedures we needed to change the current AIRAC dataset. You will be shortly able to download a new datased from Navigraph for "Fly the Maddog X P3D v4.4/v4.5" which is required for ARC-DME procedures support.

The 'old' AIRAC dataset format will be continued being published for all the other platforms.

Aerosoft has been informed about this dataset change, but no reply so far from them. If you use NavDataPro, until they update the dataset as requested, you won't be able to fly ARC-DME but nothing else is different in reference to what you are used to.

That's all for now but expect other news soon, we're always at work for enhancing the Maddog X!

Have a nice weekend!

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