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Fly the Maddog X 1.4b427 (P3D v4.4/v4.5) released!

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Hello Captains!

We are proud to present you latest Fly the Maddog X release, 1.4b427, for both the MD-82 base pack and MD-83 & MD-88 variants.

After barely a month of work, this version is released as an 'incremental upgrade', which means that the size of the download is minimal, and no user intervention (apart from exporting and re-importing your liveries after the update) is required. For the upgrade process to complete, you must first have full 1.4b412 or 1.4b414 installed in your system: the full installers can be found in simMarket - your orders.

Even if released momentarily as Open Beta, the update is recommended to all users and is considered stable enough for public release.
In about 2 weeks, these incremental installers will be replaced by complete full installers, available on simMarket.

In addition to numerous bugfixes, the most important new feature is the addition of a "full economy" cabin layout (Y162) that complements the default "mixed class" (J14+Y134).

Our PFPX profiles are already updated and available for download from this thread; We have also updated our weights reference table for Simbrief integration: more information can be found inside the included Whatsnew_incremental_414_427.pdf.

Head here for the MD-82 incremental installer and here for the MD-83/MD-88 installer (remember that login to the forum with a validated account is required to access the links).



- minor bugfixes;
- tuned GSX integration;
- improved LOC/ILS CAP logic;
- fixed cabin pressurization rate instrument;
- added ACARS message when loadsheet is over maximum weight;
- fixed issue when selecting ACARS message from 2nd page;
- changed OOOI OUT trigger to: door closed, beacon light ON and parking brake released;
- VNAV CDI now correctly not shown in PLAN mode.

- added airline option for full economy (162Y) pax cabin.
- added 8.33KHz channel spacing emulation;
- added ARC-DME procedures support (requires specific AIRAC dataset for Fly the Maddog X 64bit P3D v4.4/v4.5, available via Navigraph).


Development isn't finished, and we are already at work...More news soon.

Blue skies!

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