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PTA tweaks vs PBR materials

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Gents, as you all know PBR is a relatively new topic on our platform and we are learning more and more everyday.

We would like to share a recent finding that might affect PTA users and possibly other shaders tweaking products.

We recently noticed that PTA "Aircraft lighting and saturation" and "Aircraft VC lighting and saturation" settings seem to have no effect on PBR materials.

This means that if you were to reduce/increase for example the saturation of VC or external model, only the conventional non-PBR materials would be affected, while the PBR materials would remain the same.

While this could be hardly noticeable on a full PBR model, it could create lighting response discrepancies between PBR and non PBR materials/models.

IF you are affected by this, we suggest to avoid significant deviations from the default settings for those two tweaks, in order to prevent inconsistencies between your aircrafts.

We will also try to investigate with PTA if there is any way for them to fix it in future updates.

If any of you were able to fix this problem, we would be happy to hear your solution, while we wait for PTA to come back to us. Thanks.

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