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Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition 1.5b506 Hotfix released!

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Hello Captains,
we have just released a new Maddog X 64bit edition hotfix, 1.5b506 HF.
It's free of charge and is released as a hotfix to perform a quick upgrade (from our forums only, link below). WARNING: You need a full 1.5b503 installation to perform the upgrade correctly!
The hotfix is small in size and updates only needed files, leaving intact your settings/airframes/tech log.
This new build includes some bug fixing, fine tuning of VC PBR materials and a new LOC/ILS CAP logic rebuilt from scratch, according to the real aircraft algorithm.
Happy Christmas to all, happy new 2020!
Here is the full changelog:
- fine tuning of PBR materials in VC;
- added new IPC 'md_ipc_trim' lvar;
- added PMS flaps speed protection;
- fixed APU door timing;
- LOC/ILS CAP algorithm rewritten from scratch.
YOU MUST HAVE version 1.5b503 installed in your system to perform the upgrade.

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