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Fly the Maddog X Instructor Panel released!


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Hi Captains!

I'm proud to announce that the Instructor Panel add-on for Fly the Maddog X has been released!

The Instructor Panel, built after the Instructor Panel found in the real full motion simulators, is an expansion for Fly the Maddog X with precise training purposes that will allow you to easily practice and learn flight procedures, both under normal and abnormal scenarios; with the Instructor Panel you will be able, i.e., to instantly position the aircraft anywhere in the world to perform a procedure, inject specific weather conditions in the simulator (such as low visibility/windshear scenarios) and manually trigger all the modelled failures/INOP systems available in Fly the Maddog X.


The Instructor Panel is 25€ + VAT and works with any Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition (P3D v4.4/v4.5/v5.0/v5.1) and needs latest 2.0b784  + 2.0b785 hotfix release installed in your system.

We hope you like the product as much as we enjoyed developing it!

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