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Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition 2.1b833 new full installers! (P3D v4.4 - v4.5 - v5.0 - v5.1 - v5.2- v5.3)


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Hi captains,

we've just uploaded latest full installers (2.1b833) for Prepar3D v4 and v5 to SimMarket, you can grab them in your orders page. Please read carefully the included installation guide before uninstalling the old version if you want to save your repaints, settings and saved routes!

This new build, after the open beta cycle and thanks to your feedback, includes new code optimizations and fixing which derive directly from the MSFS development. Don't worry, the new MSFS version will coexist flawlessly with the P3D one, everything has been designed with interoperability in mind!

Speaking of Prepar3D: our plans are to continue supporting the platform and share any new feature we may introduce in the future across the two simulators (if the relative SDK supports it); the first thing will be for sure the new passenger cabin made for the MSFS2020 edition, that will be merged to the Prepar3D model and offered free of charge as additional option (to give you the choice if you are not interested in).

Thanks everybody for the continuous support shown and interest in the Maddog series which, in the span of more than 20 years, has evolved to levels unthinkable at the time!


2.1b833 full installer changelog
64bit edition - P3D

- fixed issue with missing font in overhead press panel when Maddog not installed in default folder;
- fixed CTD when opening EFB Electronic Flight Folder app without any OFP available;
- improved flare PID during autoland;
- improved egpws terrain display fps performances;
- other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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