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30/04/2022 - 12:00 CET (10:00 UTC)


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Hello captains,

while we're giving latest refinements to the final build before release, I want to give you some more information.

>> The release is set for tomorrow at 12:00 CET (Central European Time).

>> To reduce download size, only our default Leonardo SH livery is included with the installer.

>> The installer is 313.1 Mb in size.

>> 16 available repaints at the moment (library will continue growing): Alaska Airlines OC: N931AS - Alitalia: I-DAVD - American Airlines: N9405T - Austrian Airlines OC: OE-LDV - Austrian Airlines: OE-LDP - Austrian Airlines: OE-LMB 'magic' scheme - Aviaco: EC-FLN - Delta Airlines OC: N995DL - Delta NC: N911DE - Iberia: EC-FOZ - InselAir: PJ-MDE - Meridiana: I-SMER - Scandinavian Airlines 'blue' scheme: LN-RMD - Scandinavian NC: OY-KHG - Spanair: EC-HFP - USAir: N811US

IMPORTANT: Full access to the forum is restricted to registered customers only. To get full access you must register an account with the same email address used for your purchase, after having succesfully installed and activated your product. Accounts created with different email are automatically discarded.  

>> We have already published the master MSFS2020 paintkit which also includes instructions on how to port P3D repaints to MSFS.

>> Fly the Maddog X AIRAC database is supported in Navigraph Navdata Center.

>> AviaCDU is ready to support Fly the Maddog X for MSFS2020, and will be available for those who like to use the FMS with external devices!

>> There will also be a FS2Crew version to fully support the MSFS2020 release!

>> Fly the Maddog X works perfectly in SU9, and since the beta stages the software passed almost all  SU without major issues: 99% of our coding is completely custom made.

>> The first time you load the Maddog in MSFS2020, the simulator will compile the aircraft and all needed dependencies: this process is normal and unavoidable, and takes about 10/20 minutes, depending on your hardware. On next launch, the loading times will be back to normal.

>> Although the software has been tested for months (we are confident in the quality of the product), it hasn't been possible to cover all the different specific combinations of software and hardware: we are aware that initially there will be bug and error reports, but with our experience and skills we are at your complete disposal to improve the product and solve issues, as we have done since the launch of the very first Maddog version to today.

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