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NBFlightSim Repaints

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All can be downloaded from my site at https://nbflightsim.com/

First round of paints includes:

Edelweiss Air MD-83 HB-IKM circa 1996
Reno Air MD-82 N823RA "Gulf Coast Flyer"
Reno Air MD-83 N836RA circa 1993
Reno Air MD-83 N880RA circa 1999
Trans World Airlines MD-82 N906TW circa 1985
Trans World Airlines MD-83 N940W circa 1999
Trans World Airlines MD-83 EI-BWD "Wings of Pride" in delivery colors
Trans World Airlines MD-82 N923TW circa 2000
Trans World Airlines MD-83 N948TW "Wings of Pride" in final colors
Trans World Airlines MD-83 N984TW "Spirit of Long Beach" final MD-80 built
TWA Airlines LLC MD-83 N966TW





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American Airlines N216AA with original bare metal tail
American Airlines N872RA in white top ex-Reno Air colors
American Airlines N473AA with black nose and Super 80 titles
American Airlines N588AA with grey nose and Super 80 titles
American Airlines N214AA "Working Together"
American Airlines N7549A with grey nose and no Super 80 titles


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SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 LN-ROX circa 1999
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 OY-KHT circa 1999
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 SE-DFY circa 1999
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 LN-RLE circa 1997 "Paper Planes - Red"
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 LN-RMD circa 1997 "Paper Planes - Blue"
Scanair MD-83 SE-DPI circa 1993


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Jet America MD-82 N785JA circa 1987
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 OY-KGZ circa 2008
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 LN-RMR circa 2012
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 SE-DIS circa 2012
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 SE-DMB circa 2007 Star Alliance
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 OY-KHE circa 2009 Star Alliance
SAS | Scandinavian Airlines MD-82 OY-KHP circa 2012 Star Alliance
Snowflake MD-82 LN-ROU circa 2006
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Some of these have been out for a while, I just haven't updated the previews for a bit.

Alaska Airlines MD-83 N960AS circa 2008
Delta Air Lines MD-88 N977DL circa 1993
Delta Air Lines MD-82 N905DL circa 1987 with Western Airline "Wally Bird" decal
Delta Air Lines MD-88 N994DL circa 1996 "The Official Airline: 1996 Olympic Games"
Northwest Airlines MD-82 N309RC circa 1999
Northwest Airlines MD-82 N302RC circa 1987
Northwest Airlines MD-82 N313RC circa 1988
Northwest Airlines MD-82 N307RC circa 1992
Northwest Airlines MD-82 N931MC circa 1995





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Alaska Airlines
MD-82 N780JA circa 1987 in hybrid Jet America colors

ValuJet Airlines
MD-82 N802VV circa 1996

Delta Air Lines
MD-88 N904DE circa 2003
MD-88 N988DL circa 2010
MD-88 N916DE circa 2008 (Delta Shuttle)
MD-88 N925DL circa 2016
MD-88 N948DL circa 2017 (with belly titles)



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