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Leonardo SH is still here!


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Hi Captains,

It's been a long time since our latest official news, after the summer break we were busy developing our next Maddog version for MSFS2020, which mostly took us long time to build a "bridge" application needed to overcome some simulator limits (MSFS2020 as you know is a sandboxed environment), thus allowing us to bring back many of the missing features from the P3D version.

It's not our habit to make announcements without being sure of the result and this time the whole process has been particularly painful, but the good news is we’re nearing the end of the beta testing phase and we expect to release it in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a list of features in the upcoming release:

- added tray application ‘MDClient' to overcome limitation of the sandboxed environment;
- added back all missing ACARS pages;
- added back wx clients for METAR/ATIS (VATSIM/IVAO) and CPDLC;
- added back 'printing' of ACARS message to Pushover app;
- added automatic retrieval of latest OFP from SimBrief;
- full GSX Pro integration.

All the documentation has been updated as well, and there are also many improvements and bug fixes (performance, fms, autoland, etc).

Now that we have managed to "get out of the sandbox", in the near future we plan to add the additional missing pieces of the Maddog (i.e. the 83-88) and development can resume at the normal pace our customers are used to.

Thank you all for your patience!

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