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New MSFS2020 build available!

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Hi Captains,

a new build for MSFS2020 (1.2b169) is now available for download from your SimMarket account, that includes a new optional HUD and fixes many reported bugs! 

Download the new installers (-82, and - 83/-88 - if you own the expansion) and run them as administrator: your build will be automatically upgraded to latest version, keepening all your settings/airframes/profiles. 

Have a nice weekend!


******1.2b169 - 07/07/2023******

- fixed issue in EFB Services App not showing correctly aux fuel qty for the MD-83;
- fixed issue with initial cabin supply temp;
- fixed issues with GSX boarding on second+ consecutive flight;
- fixed issue in EFB Perf APP not taking into account pilot entered QNH;
- fixed issue in FMS turning too early (or too late) in RNAV approaches;
- fixed issue in holding direct entry with certain intercept angles;
- fixed issue with CPDLC removing answer prompts (WILCO, UNABLE, etc.);
- fixed issue in FMS which caused certain departure transition to be loaded uncorrectly;
- fixed issue in EFB perf app with Force Norm TO SWITCH remaining visible in landing page;
- fixed issue with PFD 2 going OFF when PFD 1 dimmed to OFF and option Synch CM1/CM2 disabled;
- fixed issue in FMS CRZ page with missing W/MOD data;
- fixed brake temperature remaining high in turnaround mode;
- fixed artifact in texture of air conditioning gauges;
- fixed missing sound when manually tripping CBs;
- added optional Head Up Flight Display System (HFDS), and documentation;
- added throttle axis calibration in Load Manager;
- when a MSFS flight is initalized 'in the air', the maddog will now be configured correctly for level flying with engines, AT and AP ON;
- revised FMS step climb logic and manual step climb enquire in CRZ page.

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