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New MSFS2020 build available!


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Hi Captains,

a new build for MSFS2020 (1.2b183) is now available for download from your SimMarket account, here is the changelog:

- fixed issue that could cause T/O trim setting not to work on second flight leg;
- fixed issue that could cause aircraft not to be loaded on second flight leg;
- fixed issue with trim sometimes not saved in turnaround mode;
- fixed issue with ADF/NAV ident volume set;
- fixed issue when pressing TO/GA that caused FMS to sequence route to MISAP when not on approach mode;
- fixed issue of aircraft loosing too much altitude when initiating an AUT G/A;
- fixed issue when loading a saved flight.

- added working briefcase and map lights for both CM1/2 sides;
- added working overhead speaker volume knob;
- added WindowShades variable to maddogx.ini (0=auto, 1=always open).

Download the new installer and run it as administrator: your build will be automatically upgraded to latest version, keepening all your settings, airframes and profiles.

To correctly register Fly the Maddog X MD-82, enter your email address in the 'Email' field, your registration number in the 'Product Registration Number for Fly the Maddog X MD-82' field, leave the 'Enable Key' field blank and click on 'Register'!

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