Fly the Maddog X customer support.




We have an official support forum for our customers, that you can reach here; there you can also find a series of useful downloads, PDF documents, a free repaints archive and the official paintkit.

Our YouTube channel features, among the others, a full set of tutorial videos.

Official customer support is given mainly via our Support Ticket System. If you are receiving assistance in the forum, you are not allowed to request assistance for the same issue at the Ticket System, unless required by Staff. This is to prevent conflicting advice from causing issues. We do not allow support to be provided or requested via personal message, email, or remote desktop control programs (Logmein, TeamViewer, etc).

Access to the forum is restricted to registered customers only. To get full access you must register an account with the same email address used for your purchase, after having succesfully installed and activated your product. You can change your email address from your profile settings, after your registration is approved. Accounts created with a different email are automatically deleted. If you are experiencing any trouble with forum registration, contact us.



Support request via ticket system must be filled giving the same email address used for registration with the associated Purchase Code. If not, your request will be discarded automatically.

Please note that support is reserved to customers, so we will ignore any request posted in the community forums or the Facebook page/groups, which will prevent us from verifying that it's legitimate.

Thanks for your understanding!