About us.




We are the same team which originally developed the most acclaimed Fly the Maddog for FS9 and FSX back on 2006, considered at the time far advanced than any other aircraft simulation, and now a classic.
With this new project, we started from our experience to bring the simulation to higher levels of realism and immersion. Fly the Maddog X is proudly made in Italy with the cooperation of an extraordinary team, spread all over the world.

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful aircraft as much as we do.


  • Project manager and lead programmer: Davide Marras.
  • Development team: Davide Marras, Stefano Porrà, Michele Galmozzi, Jonathan Bleeker.
  • Sound effects: Davide Marras, Stefano Porrà, Davide Vacca.
  • Manuals and documentation: Davide Marras, Stefano Porrà.
  • Flight dynamics: Michele Galmozzi.
  • 3D model and Virtual Cockpit: Aaron Graham/SimTech, Jonathan Bleeker, Michele Galmozzi.
  • Model and Virtual Cockpit tagging and animation: Jonathan Bleeker, Michele Galmozzi.
  • Model texturing and liveries: Michele Galmozzi.
  • Visual content specialist: Giovanni Cagnetta.
  • Crew/Ground audio set: Nick Landolfi.
  • Dynamic lights and effects: Michele Galmozzi.
  • MD82 Technical advisors: Davide Vacca, Tom Doyle, Xander Koot.
  • Betatesters: Alaa A Riad, Angelo Busato, Brendan Ratchford, Brian Thibodeaux, Chris Waldo, Christian Gullneritz , Clive Joy, Danilo Tirino, Dave Hodges, David Graham, Felix Leverenz, Giorgio La Pira, Jardel Macedo, Javi Lopez, Jordan Hoppe, Kamil Lominski, Massimiliano Sarotto, Matthias Pietsch, Neil Culverhouse, Simone Soffiato, Stan Winke, Tom Doyle, Ugo Mariani, Xander Koote.