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  5. Hi captains, as we sweat in the summer heat I'm glad to inform you that we have just uploaded to the forums a new Open Beta build (2.2b838): the full installers for Prepar3D v4 and Prepare3D v5, as usual, are free of charge for all customers. New MSFS2020 build will follow later, please continue reading! We have have included the new installer software that we are using for the MSFS2020 version (which allows for a easier updating process), there are various bugfixes and a finally we have a new Simbrief integration to automatically download your latest OFP - without the need to download and import it via load manager and/or the EFB. Please read carefully the updated documents! Speaking of MSFS2020, we will add the same fixes and the Simbrief integration soon, meanwhile we are working hard to add all the missing features we have in the P3D version... more news to follow! Blue skies and have a nice summer!
  6. American Airlines N216AA with original bare metal tail American Airlines N872RA in white top ex-Reno Air colors American Airlines N473AA with black nose and Super 80 titles American Airlines N588AA with grey nose and Super 80 titles American Airlines N214AA "Working Together" American Airlines N7549A with grey nose and no Super 80 titles
  7. All can be downloaded from my site at https://nbflightsim.com/ First round of paints includes: Edelweiss Air MD-83 HB-IKM circa 1996 Reno Air MD-82 N823RA "Gulf Coast Flyer" Reno Air MD-83 N836RA circa 1993 Reno Air MD-83 N880RA circa 1999 Trans World Airlines MD-82 N906TW circa 1985 Trans World Airlines MD-83 N940W circa 1999 Trans World Airlines MD-83 EI-BWD "Wings of Pride" in delivery colors Trans World Airlines MD-82 N923TW circa 2000 Trans World Airlines MD-83 N948TW "Wings of Pride" in final colors Trans World Airlines MD-83 N984TW "Spirit of Long Beach" final MD-80 built TWA Airlines LLC MD-83 N966TW
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  9. Hi Captains, I'm glad to inform you that we have just uploaded our latest MSFS2020 build (1.0b95) to SimMarket: you will find the installer inside Your Downloads in your SimMarket account! Just download the new installer and run it, the product will be automatically updated keeping your settings. This new version is free for all customers and brings fixes for a number of reported issues (see the changelog below). A few words about development: we are progressively implementing all the original functions present in Fly the Maddog X for Prepar3D, this is a bit slow step because implies finding alternative methods to achieve the same result with a different SDK, while the simulator continues to evolve. As for Prepar3D, shortly there will be new installers to port some fix and imrpovements to the code from MSFS2020 and implement the new installer software which is way better and allows easier updates. Happy landings! CHANGELOG: >>>>[FIXED] - fixed issue that freezed the EFB when arriving at the gate; - fixed nose gear door not remining sligtly open when gear down; - fixed issue in FMS that could cause missing/wrong constraint when adding arrival procedures; - fixed FMS button animation working only if FMS powered; - fixed rain sound still audible in cloudly weather but with no visible rain drop in the windshield; - fixed issue when importing PFPX OFPs in EFB SYSTEMS - allowed engines to start even if fuel pumps off (as in real aircraft); - manual trim will no more disconnect AP if LM option 'Autopilot disconnects when flight controls are moved manually' is unchecked; LOAD MANAGER - fixed issue in axes calibration, where sensitivity settings were inverted; DOCUMENTATION - fixed wrong page numbering in User Manual, Quick Guide and EFB Manual; - updated User Manual; OTHER - added compatibility with VA acars apps; - added properly formatted popups for CM1/CM2 PFD/ND (AltGr + left click to open).
  10. I'm flying on OE-LDV almost daily despite it being retro, as my VA (Austrian) is one of the few that still allows flights with the MD-82 and it is also based in Europe. Most only have current day fleet in their fleet. A great experience indeed.
  11. SK1874 descending towards Stavanger Sola (ENZV).
  12. LOL I know the feeling. Test pilot, every flight !
  13. She bites quick - and hard - if you don't treat her well, but what a beaute she is Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  14. Departing from Gate A21 and taxiing to RWY 22R in Copenhagen for the last leg today, bound for Krakow.
  15. I use it as wallpaper, what an incredible plane
  16. I'm so unqualified but very forgiving flying just getting airborne and flicking on the auto pilot in good weather ... granted I have NOT attempted a landing and I fear this will not go well. Also added a crop of why I did not try to land at CYYZ today... it just wasn't going to go well with my skill set.
  17. LOL awesome. I do love that for a time, customers actually used this "feature." Powered "push back." Although, yours look a bit aggressive.
  18. What you say about this?))) Drift.mp4 @Stefano, if you need details about it let me know) P. S. Will send report anyway, tomorrow maybe.
  19. So, after initial release i fall more and more in love with my MD... Little FSUIPC magic and now my Virtual Fly TQ6+ allow me to control reversers as i want it and it's time for old-school tricks))) gls.mp4
  20. Is it possible to place such liveries like mine here in the Forum as well?
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