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  2. https://simmerswithoutborders.org/ What is Simmers Without Borders? No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Simmers Without Borders works on smart and effective projects to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19, and you are welcome to join too! The effort started as an initiative by some developers at Navigraph, a company in the flight simulation industry, with the aim to use spare or unused computing power to help speed up the search for a coronavirus vaccine. If there is something we in the flight simulation community have in abundance, it is powerful computers!
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  4. Hello Captains, we have just released a new Maddog X 64bit edition, 1.5b506. This new build includes some bug fixing, fine tuning of VC PBR materials and a new LOC/ILS CAP logic rebuilt from scratch, according to the real aircraft algorithm. Happy Christmas to all, happy new 2020! Here is the full changelog: >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - fine tuning of PBR materials in VC; - added new IPC 'md_ipc_trim' lvar; - added PMS flaps speed protection; - fixed APU door timing; - LOC/ILS CAP algorithm rewritten from scratch.
  5. Immersive Audio has published today a preview teaser of their upcoming 'Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion'. Check it out here.
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