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  3. Hello captains, I'd like to inform you that latest Maddog X version for P3D v5 (2.1b827) is fully compatible with the v5.3 hotfix 2 ( no further actions required! Blue skies!
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  5. Hello captains, I'd like to inform you that latest Maddog X version for P3D v5 (2.1b827) is fully compatible with the v5.3 hotfix 1 ( released yesterday! Blue skies!
  6. Hi captains, we've just uploaded a new full build: 2.1b827 that addresses two minor issues riported after 2.1b826. You can find the full installers on simMarket, or you can update with the hotfixes for Prepar3D v4 and Prepare3D v5. 2.1b827 changelog: - fixed issue with COM stby frequency in 8.33KHz mode; - fixed issue with AP not always diconnecting when moving flying controls;
  7. Hello Captains, we've just updated simMarket full installers 2.1b826, for both P3D v4 and P3D v5 versions (-82 and -83/-88). If you already have installed the previously released 2.1b826 "Open Beta" for P3D v5.3 compatibility, you don't need to install the full build from simMarket again! Thanks for your constant feedback!
  8. Hello Captains, I am happy to announce that our latest update (2.1b826) released on 02/12/2021 as Open Beta, includes compatibility with Prepar3D v5.3 ( among some small fixes and "quality of life" updates (see changelog below). Free for all customers, you can grab the new full installers here in our forums. As always, thank you very much for your continued support! ******2.1b826 - 02/12/2021****** 64bit edition - P3D v5.0/v5.1/v5.2/v5.3 >>>>[NEW] *INSTALLER* - user can now select preferred installation folder; *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - added compatibility with P3D v5.3; - added flap axis calibration (see Quick Guide); - added support for Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant + add-on (see Quick Guide for instructions on how to setup for the Maddog X); - added acquiring of stby com frequency, if set by an external add-on; >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - upgraded to latest Navigraph APIs; - fixed bug in EFB Weight and Balance App.
  9. Buongiorno a tutti! Vorrei segnalare la nascita di un nuovo canale You Tube, in italiano, dedicato a Fly the Maddog X: a breve saranno resi disponibili dei video-tutorial su diversi argomenti, che vanno dalla storia del prodotto alla spiegazione dei sistemi a bordo, passando per una accurata descrizione dell'autopilota, la configurazione e l'effettuazione di voli in Shared Cockpit, di sicuro interesse per gli appassionati della simulazione di volo e del Maddog. Il creatore, oltre ad essere pilota nella vita reale, è anche uno dei nostri Beta Testers, e il team Lenoardo SH ha avuto il privilegio di partecipare nella realizzazione: consiglio dunque la visione sia dei tutorial che l'iscrizione al canale e, ovviamente, lasciate il vostro like per quello che, avrete modo di apprezzare personalmente, è un gran lavoro! Qui di seguito una anteprima al video di presentazione, buona visione! Il canale è raggiungibile a questo link.
  10. Hi Captains! I'm proud to announce that the Instructor Panel add-on for Fly the Maddog X has been released! The Instructor Panel, built after the Instructor Panel found in the real full motion simulators, is an expansion for Fly the Maddog X with precise training purposes that will allow you to easily practice and learn flight procedures, both under normal and abnormal scenarios; with the Instructor Panel you will be able, i.e., to instantly position the aircraft anywhere in the world to perform a procedure, inject specific weather conditions in the simulator (such as low visibility/windshear scenarios) and manually trigger all the modelled failures/INOP systems available in Fly the Maddog X. The Instructor Panel is 25€ + VAT and works with any Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition (P3D v4.4/v4.5/v5.0/v5.1) and needs latest 2.0b784 + 2.0b785 hotfix release installed in your system. We hope you like the product as much as we enjoyed developing it!
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