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  4. Hello captains. I'm glad to inform you that the new 1.5b493 release for the MD-82 base pack and the MD-83/MD-88 variants expansion have been uploaded to simMarket: you can downolad them now logging in and going to 'your orders' page. This new build is the result of all the efforts started back since May, that culminated with 3 Open Beta releases after summer: see the complete changelog below for a comprehensive overview of the new features and fixes. Customers currently with latest 1.5b492 Open Beta build are also encourged to update, since we have fixed some small issues that were still present. We at Leonardo SH want to thank all the people that has decided to partecipate in our Open Beta programs, helping us delivering a high quality and (hopefully) bug-free release. This build is full PBR (external and internal 3D models) and takes advantage of the recently released Hotfix 2 for P3D v4.5, but if you don't like it, or have an older system, we have decided to keep the 1.4b427 build available in your simMarket accounts, which has optional PBR models you can disable from the load manager application - but does not include the CMA-900 and PMS systems. All included documents have been updated in order to reflect the new features/changes - please read them, inlcuding the installation and activation guide for the correct install procedure. As stated previously, with this official release the price for Fly the Maddog X has increased by 10€ (+VAT) for both the 'MD-82 64bit base pack edition' and the '32bit to 64bit upgrade offer'. Development is not over, we will start soon working on Shared Cockpit, that will be free for all customers - but limited to local area network only: we will start from the legacy system and there are still some technical details we need to finalize, considering today's network architecture. More details soon. Enjoy the new release! CHANGELOG ******1.4b427 ---> 1.5b493 - 18/10/2019****** 64bit edition - P3D v4.4/v4.5 >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - added Canadian Marconi CMA-900 and PMS systems; - added mouse acceleration to VHF freq decimals in 8.33KHz mode; - added clock settings (except chrono buttons) to the CM1/CM2 sync option; - added functionality for the PA button, light and volume needle animation; - trip and taxi fuel weights directly read and set in load menager from imported OFP; - added ACARS printing capability to physical/emulated or VC printer; - added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches; *3D MODEL: VC* - fine tuning of VC objects dimensions and position; - added VC printer animation; - added manual pass oxy mask release and ac xtie lockout reset switches animation; *LOAD MANAGER* - when MD-83 & MD-88 variants is installed, added the possibility to select -219 engine type for the MD-82 and -217A/-217C for the MD-83/MD-88 (TRC settings and performances will change accordingly); - removed NO-PBR model option; - added printer selection for ACARS *PRINT command in 'Simulator Options'; - added new cockpit customizations in ‘Airliner Options’; *SOUNDS* - added sound for auto/manual press lever and manual press wheel movement; - added sound for spoiler extended in flight; - added slat aerodynamic sound; all cockpit sounds now located in the aircraft sounds folder; *DOCUMENTS* - Revision: AOM vol 1-15 and vol 2-6; AOM vol 2 Operational Bullettin; Quick Guide and User Manual; *MISC* - updated 'MaddogX ACARS.txt' PFPX template file in Madddog X Files\redist. >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - minor bug fixes; - improved LOC CAP logic; - fixed issue with FMS crossing IDL; - fixed WEIGHT BEYOND MAX message in ACARS; - added prompt '*CLEAR' in 5L LSK ACARS INIT DATA page; - added 'FLT PLAN*' 2R LSK in ACARS PREFLIGHT page; - fixed and improved GSX/GSX Level 2 integration; - improved engine spoolup timing and sound sync; - tuned IAS mode logic for faster response to speed decrease by PF while in descent; - fixed issues in DFGS conflict-mode logic when DFGS 2 selected and active; - fixed ACARS preliminary weights page replacing the current received message page; - ENG SYNC inhibited with engines OFF; - typing on fms scratchpad inhibited until a message is cleared; *3D MODEL: EXTERNAL* - fixed outflow valve animation; - fixed issue with outboard flight spoilers not moving symmetrically in reference to the other spoiler panels, when spoiler or autospoiler extended; *EFFECTS* - fixed effects resulting in oversized AI lights; *LOAD MANAGER* - fixed approximation when converting from KG to LBS.
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  6. Fly the Maddog X 64bit edition is fully compatible with the new P3D v4.5.13.32097 (hotfix 2), both the official release 1.4b427 - available in your simMarket account- and the 1.5b486 Open Beta -released today and available via our forums-.
  7. Has anyone noticed yet? Navigraph has released a brand new AIRAC dataset, specific for Fly the Maddog X 64 bit edition: "Fly the Maddog X (P3Dv4.x and above)". Your 1.4b414 version for P3D v4.4/v4.5 is already compatible and installing the new dataset allows you to select and fly ARC-DME procedures. You can manually download the new set right now, or just re-scan your addons with the Navigraph's FMS Data Manager: the 64bit edition will be automatically recognized. 32bit customers will be getting regoular updates as always, but be sure to use the correct dataset: "Fly the Maddog X (FSX-FSX:SE/P3Dv3.x only)": the new format isn't obviously compatible and could crash your simulator. As a side note, we asked Aerosoft to updated their "NavDataPro AIRAC and fms updates" with the new format, but no answer from them so far. You can continue using their dataset for both platforms, but you won't be able to fly ARC-DME procedures.
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