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  4. SP1b352 available for all products/platforms on the download center here in our forums. It's a cumulative update (no need to backup data, just run the installer, provided you have SP1b351 on your system), released in the form of Open Beta. https://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?/forum/32-open-beta-installers/ Please login in the forums to access the link. Changelog: ******SP1 b352 - 25/01/2019******>>>>[FIXED]*GRAPHIC: EXTERNAL MODEL*- fixed issue with pax cabin lights not visible when using the PBR external model.*AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS*- fixed issue which could cause CTD when loading certain procedures (pressing dep/arr button on FMS).*MISC*- updated/added missing documentation.
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    Some news.

    We have given our beta testers the b352 build that restores cabin lts in PBR at night, and solves the dep/arr CTD. My guess is that it can be released next week. Some of you are asking: ok, what's next? After fixing those issues we will back in development. One of the next things coming (no ETA yet) will be for sure the native PBR virtual cockpit - don't be scared! It'll be optional, like the external PBR is, and performs fast & smooth as the external model does, and is mindblowing, have a look at the image: In making the VC PBR model, we took the decision to drop RealLight, and to develop our own instrument dimming system instead (that will also mean no more ghost TRP buttons) thanks to latest 4.4 SDK. The alfa release we are testing internally has, as direct consequence, a reduced ram fingerprint, meaning: better performance. Having our own lighting system also allows us to lay the groundwork basis for adding another couple of nice things we have in mind. Not all roses, I want to be crystal clear now: FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3.4, P3D v4.2 and P3D v4.3 will receive their last upgrade with the upcoming SP1b352 cumulative update (unless any other major issue that needs fixing is found meanwhile) and will be considered the last available version of Maddog X for those platforms, both the -82 and the -83/-88. The "active development project", everything new we will add in 2019, will be for P3D v4.4 only, so to enjoy latest features, you will have to update your P3D. Bare in mind, we have our valid reasons, but the decision is already taken. I hope that if you have learned to know us, you can also trust our choices.
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    We are back!

    Hello captains, everyone here at Leonardo is back. While we are slowly answering all pending support requests, emails and tickets, we want to give you a small update. After the SP1b351 release for the MD-82 base pack and the MD-83 & MD-88 variants expansion, we noticed some things that need to be fixed in an upcoming cumulative update that we will issue near mid January (if everything is good): 1) Users with cabin lights not displaying at night in the PBR model. 2) Users with CTDs in the dep/arr fms page. Happy landings!
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    Private liveries

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    Private liveries

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    Private liveries

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    Private liveries

  12. https://www.flythemaddog.com/downloads/repaints/N820RA.zip
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    Although we will continue to respond to requests for support, expect a little delay! The team is on vacation until the 3rd of January 2019! Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!
  14. Fly the Maddog X MD-83 & MD-88 variants released!! https://www.flythemaddog.com/site/node/9 Merry Christmas and happy 2019!!
  15. Login either to your simMarket account and download the files in your orders page, or here in the forums -if not already done- visiting this link, grab your copy now! SP1b351 adds PBR liveries to your MD-82 base pack in P3D v4.4, please read the attached documents for further instructions! Tomorrow Sunday the 23rd we will also release the MD-83 & MD-88 variants expansion for purchase in simMarket. You must first update your MD-82 base pack to SP1b351 before installing! Enjoy the Maddog, Merry Christams and happy 2019! 64bit changelog: >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - enhanced icing simulation, plus degrading aerodynamics and AS/GSX2 integration; - hold over times after de-icing; - added computation of A/I ON altitude (DESCENT FORECAST) for idle EPR and VNAV profile. *3DMODEL: EXTERNAL* - PBR added; (P3D v.4.4 only) - visual cue for icing. >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - fixed issue with battery not discharging with correct rate; - reduced VNAV descent steeply in short legs with a spd constraint at the end. - improved FMS fuel prediction for long cruise; - fixed route drawing on ND for long legs; - several other minor bugfixes; - GSX minor compatibility bugfixes. *MISC* - updated the user manuals to reflect latest changes in load manager. 32bit changelog: >>>>[NEW] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - enhanced icing simulation, plus degrading aerodynamics; - hold over times after de-icing; - added computation of A/I ON altitude (DESCENT FORECAST) for idle EPR and VNAV profile. >>>>[FIXED] *AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS* - fixed issue with battery not discharging with correct rate; - reduced VNAV descent steeply in short legs with a spd constraint at the end. - improved FMS fuel prediction for long cruise; - fixed route drawing on ND for long legs; - several other minor bugfixes; - GSX minor compatibility bugfixes. *MISC* - updated the user manuals to reflect latest changes in load manager.
  16. Hello Captains! Some info on the development progress. Probably next weekend, we will release the MD-83 & MD-88 variants. The testing stage is almost completed and we succesfully managed to include also PBR for the external models into the release, making Fly the Maddog X one of the first add-ons supporting the recent v4.4 P3D update in its full potential. The "variants" pack includes the MD-83 and the MD-88 as an expansion to the main MD-82 "base" Fly the Maddog X package, and is a nice addition for those of you who like extended range operations: everything has been modelled after the real counterparts (including -219 engines option with accurate FDE, aux fuel tanks and burn schedules) with the quality and depth you would expect from Leonardo SH. With the release of the 83/88 expansion we will provide a few PBR native liveries, mainly to demonstrate the potential of repaints that are planned as PBR, as the painting technique is slightly different. Please note that to correctly see PBR in P3D v4.4 you will need to upgrade to P3D v4.4, both the client and content modules. PBR capability is now provided as an option in the load manager, and you will be able to enable/disable it with just a mouse click. "Legacy" add-on liveries can always be added manually or via our liveries manager: all the conversions needed is automatically managed, and you will always be able to switch back to non-PBR liveries if you want. Here follows a small comparison image between PBR enabled and disabled: With PBR enabled performance is extremely good in our experience: as a general rule, if you have good FPS with dynamic reflections enabled in P3D, you won't notice any FPS loss. Although converting non-PBR textures does not get the same result as planning them as native PBR, the converted liveries still look great! The only exception is for the bare metal repaints, which requires additional texture editing by the author to get the 'reflective' effect shining in all its glory. As a side note, native PBR repaints are also fully backward compatible with P3D v4.3 if you don't want to upgrade to v4.4 yet. Please note that we don't want to force anyone to buy the "variants" pack, so we will make the new 83/88 native PBR repaints available to the public, for those who want to use them as an MD-82. We also have a couple of additional PBR liveries ready, that will be downloadable for free from a new forum board that we will add upon release. With the MD-83 & MD-88 variants release, we have also added a brand new advanced icing simulation with visible effects on the external model (P3D v4 only), fully integrated with the Active Sky WX engine and GSX Level 2 de-icing services. As said before, as we don't want to force our customers to buy the variants for having latest features, advanced icing and PBR will be available as a free cumulative update for the MD-82 the same day of variants release, also featuring a number of bugfixes reported after SP1 release. FSX/P3D v3.4 users will also get a cumulative update, adding the advanced icing (without visual effects) and the above mentioned bugfixes. MD-83 repaints included in variants: American Airlines (converted to PBR) Avianca (native PBR) Swiss (native PBR) MD-88 repaints included in variants: Aviaco (native PBR) Delta Airlines (converted to PBR) Iberia (converted to PBR) That's all for now, thanks for your attention and Merry Christmas everyone from Leonardo SH!
  17. Captains, we are finally happy to share with you the new Master Paintkit for the Maddog X. This new paintkit is a great enhancement of the original first release paintkit that we created with ease of use as the primary goal in mind. In creating the new paintkit we decided to involve some of the most competent painters on the scene, gathering feedback and suggestions in order to make this new paintkit as easy to use and versatile as possible for painters at all levels. On top of the great work by Giovanni Cagnetta in detailing and dirt we've received a very kind proposal from Steve Drabek to include his bare metal version. We could not miss this opportunity and that's why we took a bit longer than expected to finalize the Master Paintkit. Some liveries have already been created with this kit and it proved to be a pretty solid "ready for use" solution. Although some conflicts in layers can always exist, depending on the different colors and layout, we believe we made painters life as easy as possible in order to intervene and customize their repaint as needed. We also decided to leave plenty of room for tweaking, adjusting level of dirt, shadowing, window frames without making it overly complicated. There will always be room for improvement and we will always be happy to hear your feedback, but we are confident you will really enjoy creating your desired liveries with the new paintkit.
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    Air Liberté

  19. https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=207675
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    Danish Air Transport

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    Laser NC

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    ATI "Aero Trasporti Italiani"

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  26. https://mega.nz/#!rGZiCSBY!O049fdunpIWqsA5v9pu5pfs5lxPNK9XfPWML6-Reg6A
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    https://library.avsim.net/download.php? DLID=203784
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