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  1. LOL awesome. I do love that for a time, customers actually used this "feature." Powered "push back." Although, yours look a bit aggressive.
  2. Awesome. . .I'll download them all!
  3. Not exactly a conversion error in this case, but I always admired the crew in this "glider" incident: Air Transat Flight 236 - Wikipedia To the OP: love those pics!
  4. Oh. . .forgot this one.
  5. Double vision? Double rainbows! Naw, just one rainbow. This thing is such a dog to fly. (But I love it.)
  6. Beautiful shot! And +1 on the where'd you get the TWA livery? I didn't see it on FS.to. . . .because I hadn't checked in a while. zomg so many liveries to get! Fly the Maddog X for Microsoft Flight Simulator | Flightsim.to
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