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Your Christmas gift: new MSFS2020 build available!


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Hi Captains,

a new build for MSFS2020 (1.2b179) will be shortly available for download from your SimMarket account, here is the changelog:

- fixed issue of hyd press on SDP sometimes 'flickering' between two consecutive values;
- fixed issue of 'Route Metar' button not working in Load Manager;
- fixed issue with ZFW/GW display in LBS;
- fixed issue with repeating noise when standing still on a runway;
- fixed issue with VC seat too low;
- fixed issues with APU off rpm sound sometimes remaining in loop;
- fixed issue with Pushover app;
- lowered fuel cooling rate after using fuel heater;
- improved idle taxing behaviour;
- added Aircraft Options settings in EFB Aircraft Services app;
- added check for OFP outdated in EFF and WAB apps;
- added VolEngineCockpit variable to maddogx.ini (range 0-100);
- updated user manual and EFB manual.

Download the new installer and run it as administrator: your build will be automatically upgraded to latest version, keepening all your settings/airframes/profiles. 

Merry Christmas from Leonardo SH, and have nice holidays!

AIrcraft Options.PNG

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